More friendly, more convenient, more Taiwanese! The new UI No. for foreign nationals is coming next year!


To create a friendly environment for members of the international community in Taiwan, the NIA will on January 2, 2021 start to replace the original UI No. format for foreign nationals (two English letters followed by eight digits) with a new format that matches the ID code used for ROC citizens (one English letter followed by nine digits). Changing to the new UI No. will make it much easier to do everyday things such as online shopping, booking tickets, signing up for online memberships, and so on, that cannot be done smoothly with the original UI No. This will tangibly improve foreign nationals’ quality of life in Taiwan, ensuring that their experience here is more friendly, more convenient, more Taiwanese!

The basic principle for the changeover to the new UI No. is the adoption of a “simultaneous replacement mechanism” – that is, when someone applies for extension, reissuance, or replacement of their resident certificate, or change of information on it, the NIA will simultaneously issue them with a new UI No. They will have to pay only the original fee for the application, with no extra charge for the change to the new UI No.

The NIA has arranged multiple discussion meetings with relevant government departments and public and private enterprises to ensure that the changeover to the new UI No. will not adversely affect people’s rights, and that through interconnection of information across organizations, there will be no need for people to initiate action for updating such things as NHI cards, driver’s licenses, bank accounts, and so on, in consequence of changing to the new UI No. These efforts are aimed at ensuring that all kinds of hassle are avoided as far as they possibly can be.

A special section devoted to the changeover (“About the New UI No. for Foreign Nationals”) has been set up on the NIA’s official website (, where relevant items of information will be posted one after another.  Also, the NIA is planning to hold a promotional event, “UI No. Elementary School Class”, with a lively and youthfully flavored quick-answer quiz about the UI No. policy, at the NIA Taipei Service Center on December 16, 2020. Registration for this event is now open (contestants register at; audience register at Please refer to the website for details. All are warmly invited to join in!

If you have any question about applying for the new UI No., or if you find any system that still cannot accept the new UI No. after its introduction next year, then please do not hesitate to call the Life Advisory Service Hotline for Foreigners in Taiwan (0800-024-11) or the MOI Service Hotline (1996), or email the NIA Director-General’s Mailbox. The government will try its best to solve people’s problems, to make sure that foreign nationals can feel an improvement in their quality of life in Taiwan, and can feel that living here is more friendly, more convenient, and more Taiwanese!



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