擁抱山林高手篇: 縱走北一段登帝王之岳的征服感動|’Emperor’s Mountain’ — the most rewarding trekking route


The trail North Section 1 is located in the Taroko National Park and belongs to the northern section of the Central Mountain Range’s main ridge. Spanning from Taichung City to the counties of Yilan and Hualien, it takes seven days of travel starting from the trail at Shengguang in Taichung City, making it Taiwan’s most varied and challenging trekking route.


The seven-day journey winds through eight hundred mountains, among the five highest, is Mt. Nanhu (南湖大山), with an elevation of 3,742 meters above sea level, and Central Range Point (中央尖山), the largest of Taiwan’s three highest peaks, with an elevation of 3,705 meters and whose name and reputation was earned thanks to its sharp cone-shaped peak resembling a blade.


Through interaction and observation, Min Min (敏敏), a Taiwanese photographer with three years of experience under her belt, captures beautiful moments when least expected.

Her passion for hiking stems from photography itself and that urge to see different landscapes through a lens, all while exerting physical strength and endurance.


Min Min always brings along her most familiar camera lens, which is absolutely waterproof. Starting from the mountain entrance up the steep zigzagging trail, the trek is covered with pine needles, producing that enjoyable crackling sound.

松針地毯走起來好軟 | A carpet of pine needles keeps the path soft to the touch. (攝影師敏敏提供|Courtesy of Min Min)
高山上的疊石為指引路徑用,但疊石有學問,穩固性很重要,最下層石塊大又平,且至少要三層以上於明顯處,最上層石頭宜長且尖處朝向正確方向。| Stacked stones not only indicate the pathway along the highlands, it’s also an artform that demands balance and places the largest and flattest stone on the top of the stack, at least three layers must be visible to passersby, and the final stone should be pointing towards the path ahead. (攝影師敏敏提供|Courtesy of Min Min)

隨著高度爬升,氣溫不過十度上下,遙望著壯闊的草原,中央尖山於遠方相伴,不覺升起對大自然的敬畏心,自己頓時變得好渺小。敏敏回憶道,登山時總會在心裡默念,慢慢來,一直走; 不停的走總會到達目標。就像人生一樣,每個人都有自己的步調去走出自己想過的生活。照顧好自己,不拖累隊友,是對自己與他人的基本尊重。

With the increasing altitude, the temperature hovers at around ten degrees, accompanied by a distant view of Central Range Point beyond a magnificently vast grassland, and as this view gives rise to a sense of awe, one suddenly feels tiny among nature’s immensity.

Min Min recalled that when climbing, her mind remains in quiet meditation as she slowly steps onward; never breaking her stride until she reaches her goal. Just like life, everyone searches, at their own pace, for the one they want.

Be mindful of yourself and don’t drag your teammates behind – this is a basic understanding between you and your fellow hikers.

路上遠眺著遙遠的那座山,慢慢走,調穩呼吸,總有到達的一天|Seeing the mountain so far off, trek slowly, pace your breath – you will get there eventually. (攝影師敏敏提供|Courtesy of Min Min)
路邊可愛的心型苔蘚和小蘑菇|Adorable heart-shaped moss and mushrooms beside the trail.(攝影師敏敏提供|Courtesy of Min Min)
路邊可愛的心型苔蘚和小蘑菇|Adorable heart-shaped moss and mushrooms beside the trail.(攝影師敏敏提供|Courtesy of Min Min)
台灣特有種- 奇萊喜普鞋蘭:生長在3,500公尺以上的草坡、土壤岩壁、以及灌木叢下,目前在台灣僅見於南湖山區、中央尖山。奇萊喜普鞋蘭為南湖最具代表性的冰河孓遺植物,六月中旬展開,七月中即褪色凋謝。|Taiwan’s endemic species, the Lady’s Slipper orchid (奇萊喜普鞋蘭), grows on grassy slopes less than 3,500 meters high, on soil rock walls and bushes. Currently, it is only found in Taiwan’s Mt. Nanhu and Central Range Point. The Lady’s Slipper orchid is the Nanhu’s most representative plant and relic of its glacial past, blooming from mid-June and then withering away by mid-July. (攝影師敏敏提供|Courtesy of Min Min)


At more than 3,000 meters high, panting gradually becomes more rapid, but the mountain shape of Mt. Nanhu in the distance is identical to the image found on the 2,000-yuan banknote.

Lying in the foreground is Mt. Nanhu North, which tops Taiwan’s list of highest peaks with an elevation of 3,536 meters. Its wide summit and gentle slopes make for a magnificent and calming sight.

遠眺中央尖山 |View of Central Range Point (攝影師敏敏提供|Courtesy of Min Min)

對於方才的南湖北山還意有未盡,眼前聳立著一片怪石,其頂端五尖刺有如劍龍的背部,配上一片湛藍的背景天空,更顯其山勢陡峻,令人不禁生起尊敬的心,讚嘆大自然的鬼斧神工,這就是極富挑戰性的「五岩峰」。越過這奇岩怪石,下碎石坡,一行人抵達南湖山區最壯麗的冰河遺跡U型谷- 南湖圈谷底部。

The impression left by Mt. Nanhu North runs deep. Before one’s eyes stands a strange stone with a five-pointed spike at the top resembling the back of a stegosaurus.

This, together with the azure sky, makes the slope seem steeper and evokes a sense of respect and admiration for nature’s uncanny workmanship. All of this forms part of the challenging Wuyan Peak.

Crossing this strange rock and stone, down the gravel slope, a group of trekkers reaches the bottom of the Nanhu Mountains, a magnificent U-shaped valley carved out by ancient glaciers now called Nanhu Valley.

五岩峰地形十分險峻 |Wuyan Peak’s treacherous topography (攝影師敏敏提供|Courtesy of Min Min)
位於南湖圈谷底部的山屋 |A mountain hut on Nanhu Circle(攝影師敏敏提供|Courtesy of Min Min)


When sharing her mountaineering experience, Min Min says that on the mountain, you can listen to the true voice in your heart.

Mountain enthusiasts are also happy to share their food and life experiences with strangers, with each conversation revealing different lifestyles, new attitudes, things that are usually hard to encounter.

大家一起煮飯,夜間談心,閒話家常 |Gathering to cook, share stories and chat about life back home. (攝影師敏敏提供|Courtesy of Min Min)


Mountaineering is not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way but also to savor the epitome of life. The goal is far off in the distance and only with constant steps, will we finally reach it and enjoy that glorious feeling of being on the summit.

白雲飄著,夕下的懸日,染黃的雲海| With clouds hovering and the sun setting, the skies become tinged with gold. (攝影師敏敏提供|Courtesy of Min Min)
光線柔和的雲海日出或日落都美不盛收 |At sunrise or sunset, the warm rays bathing the clouds above projects a wondrous sight.(攝影師敏敏提供|Courtesy of Min Min)

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