不用連假也能狂歡週末!網美盤點三大最夯豪華露營|Relax in comfort at these 3 #Instaworthy glamping spots


Once the Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated, the weather gradually cools down, which is a perfect time for a family vacation out of the bustling city. Are you the type of person who is eager to embrace the nature and enjoy camping but too lazy to prepare all the gears? We’ve got some good news for you! Glamping, a combination of “glamorous” and “camping”, gives you a full package of the fun camping has to offer without any arduous preparation in advance.

新竹遇見嵨繞可以遠眺山巒。Encounter Earth overlooks the mountains giving visitors a spectacular view. (Photo courtesy of @sp3v3/Instagram)

新竹遇見嵨繞 | “ Encounter Earth” in Hsinchu


Situated at the altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, Encounter Earth is surrounded by mountains, which is definitely refreshing. What’s more, it is designed with terraced camping area where campers are allowed to relish the breathtaking scenery without being blocked by other tents.


Encounter Earth is even more charming at night. Due to the fresh air and zero light pollution, the sky is embedded with countless of shining stars, and there are even meteor from time to time.

這裡也是觀星的好地點。|Encounter Earth is also one of the best place to watch meteor showers in Taiwan when the weather is nice.(Photo courtesy of @sp3v3/Instagram)


All kinds of snacks and beverages and even hot shower are available in Encounter Earth.

地址|How to get there:新竹縣尖石鄉9號|No.9, Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County

電話|Tel: 0905-190-895

在玻璃帳篷內就能享受森林之美。|The beautiful forest is just a few steps away from the glass tents. (Photo courtesy of @a889986/Instagram)

嘉義Hamoama星空帳篷|“Starry Hamoama” in Chiayi


If you ever visit Ali Mountain, there’re two things you shouldn’t miss: the forest railway and Starry Hamoama. The tent at Starry Hamoama is designed and built by the local Tso artist Pu-U. Campers are able to appreciate the beauty of forest inside of the glass-made tent. Upon walking out of the tent, you’re automatically invited to feast on Phytoncide.


Dinner will be served with chef’s tasting menu, which is healthy and organic and followed by a musical concert. If you’re fond of aboriginal culture, you’ll absolutely love this place.

晚餐可享用當地的有機健康無菜單料理。|The chef also prepares a special cuisine for guests. (Photo courtesy of @joannaloveone/Instagram)

地址|How to get there : 嘉義縣阿里山鄉來吉村4鄰113號 | No.113, the 4th Neighborhood, Laiji, Alishan Township, Chiayi County

電話 | Tel: 0971-532-530

台東波西米亞露營區|Sunshine Camping in Taitung. (Photos courtesy of @_ieat_itravel_chiung (left) and@ j_o_an (right)/Instagram)

台東波西米亞露營區|Sunshine Camping in Taitung


Sunshine Camping is only 15 minutes away from Taitung Train Station, rendering it quite convenient for campers who rely on public transportation. The owner is so talented that he designed and built all the small wooden houses and other features.


Equipped with air conditioners , all the tents (small wooden houses) come in the panoramic glass. Campers can easily take pleasure in the stellar sky simply lying on the bed. What makes Sunshine Camping even more attractive and hard to come by is its affordable price, and therefore, you’d better make a reservation quick!

晚上被照亮的小木屋也看起來非常溫馨。Sunshine Camping looks even crosier at night.|Photo courtesy of @_ieat_itravel_chiung/Instagram)

地址|How to get there: 台東縣卑南鄉泰安村486-8號 | No. 486-8, Tai’an, Beinan Township, Taitung County

電話|Tel: 0983-700-400


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